My eBay store — Hat Tricks & Home Runs

My eBay store — Hat Tricks & Home Runs

I have been on eBay since the year 2000. It’s so much fun to poke about and peruse listings in hopes of finding gems that I can add to my collection. The best part is that it is an excellent forum to unload the cards that you have acquired by buying wax at my LCS and online group breaks.

This past October, I thought I would try my hand at opening up an eBay store instead of doing auctions. Unfortunately my time is quite limited due to the stress of my full time job and managing family priorities on the homefront. 

I can’t exactly say I need to do eBay auctions when the house requires a solid cleaning LOL.

In any case if you wish to see what i have acquired over the years, feel free to drop by and check out my inventory.


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