Ode to Carl Jung Things happen for a reason.

Apparently there are over 200 million domains purchased based on a few sources I read over the past few hours. Given it’s it not something that can be identified with any degree of accuracy. We can agree that there are a lot of them out there.

In Canada, if you play the lotto 6/49, there is a one in 13 million chance that you will win.

Why am I talking about the above two points? I am a big believer in synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence. If you want to read up on synchronicity, go here: Carl Jung’s theory of Scynchronicity

One of my bucket list items is to own my own domain name www.99goals.com. I use the moniker/nickname/handle “99goals” in all my sports related activities. There are some of you who don’t even know my real name and refer to me as “99”.

I happened to be talking to a very good friend of mine, Scott Duffy,  at work about the interwebs and mentioned that I use the handle “99goals” for pretty much everything. He asked me if I have I ever tried to get the domain name http://www.99goals .com.

I replied that I keep looking every year, in hopes that the domain would be expired. Unfortunately that was never the case.

What happened next, absolutely put me into a state of shock. He proceeded to tell me that it is him who owns that domain name. I could not believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe the synchronicity of this event. I don’t have the mental acuity to calculate the probability of this event, nor do I really want to right now.

He kindly asked me if I wanted the domain. I could not say yes fast enough. Within a few days, we started the transfer process and now the domain belongs to me.

Master Scott Duffy, you are a scholar and a gentleman. I very much appreciate you letting me have this domain name and I am forever indebted to you. For those of you who are curious, check out this site and you won’t be disappointed. He is an exceptionally talented technical developer/architect and I highly recommend him for all your development/ideation/brainstorming needs. But more importantly, he is an amazing person and a great friend.


Scott Duffy: Owner of www.coursemania.com


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