Lucky 13 strikes again

This past week, I have noticed the number 13 quite a few times. Here are some examples

1. My booth number at the Toronto Sports Card Expo is booth 713.

2. I bought a bulk lot of cards and one of the cards was numbered to 13/50.

3. I was taking my wife for a drive and she asked me what the temperature was outside. I glanced at my dashboard and it displayed 13 degrees Celsius.

4. This is totally a stretch but Brett Lawrie had a monster game vs the Indians. He wears #13. However another #13 had a homer for the Indians; Asdrubal Cabrera. I wasn’t overly thrilled when that happened. Haha! Go Jays!

Those are just three instances of the number 13 showing me that someone up there (my Grandfather) is watching over my family. Everything is going to be A-OK!


Lucky 13 strikes again!


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