Best Names in the biz: Baseball

I love cool names. Some are off the wall and have innuendos tied to them. I am not going to post about those because they are well documented. I care to write about the ones that are cool in my eyes and maybe in your eyes as well.

This kid if he pans out would have an awesome inscription in the future.

Scout: This rookie kid is good

GM: What’s his name?

Scout: Rookie

GM: (Sounding annoyed) So this guy has all the tools?

Scout: Rookie sure does!

GM: Look, what the bloody hell is his name??

Scout: (he isn’t sure what to say next) umm.. Rookie?

GM: (Throws a tantrum that would make Ron Caron proud and then gently sits his butt back down on the chair he just threw) Ok. So what’s his last name?

Scout: Davis..

GM: and his first?

Scout: I told you already. Its bloody rookie

GM: You’re fired, but before you go, gimme your files.

Scout: Okay, well here is the file all about Rookie

GM: Thinking he just heard the scout tell him that he gave him one file with a list of all the rookies. Flips open the first page and sees this guy LOLOL

Rookie, that boy's a rookie alright.

Rookie, that boy’s a rookie alright.


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