An eBay experience: Why so rude?

You know sometimes I feel like being nice to people and doing the honorable thing isn’t good enough. I had a case on eBay where I mistakenly sent the buyer the wrong card.  The buyer refused to ship the card back because it costs him money to do so. I told him to keep it and promptly refunded him his money back. The card he wanted was numbered to 10 and I had little to no chance of ever finding that card again. I had to give him his money back as it was the right thing to do.

A few days later he leaves me a negative feedback. I was surprised. I did everything I could to remedy the situation and I still got a negative. Mind you, if I were him, I would have been upset too. But I would have left a neutral at best but not a negative.

I asked him why he left a negative feedback as I could not do anything else other than give him back his money. He asked me to get him the correct card that he should have received and he will remove the negative in a rather terse tone. I contacted eBay who basically said I am out of luck and that they are only allowed to follow policy. It doesn’t matter that I have used eBay for over 12 years and have had an excellent track record. Currently sitting at 98.9% based on one neutral and one negative that I had received from this particular buyer.

I am on his side but I would love for people to really come to their senses and realize I am not an evil person. I want to do what is right for the buyer in my heart.

The eBay customer service rep was not even paying attention to what I was asking her. She kept sticking to policy and not listening. I don’t even think she was reading the email this buyer sent me. When I asked to speak to her manager she told me to not waste my time as they will say the same thing.  Now I am just irritated because she insulted me. I should not be treated this way or by anyone for that matter.

I don’t get it. I spend a tonne of money in fees with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love eBay, I really do, but they need to really evaluate their ability to do customer service with someone who is not happy. If she had used a tactful response, I would have probably just said the hell with it and left the issue alone. I don’t get it, why be rude to me? Why did she refuse to let me speak to her manager? Wow..


2 responses to “An eBay experience: Why so rude?

  1. what a fool…. he is in the wrong. and did you recall ebay again and try to get a different rep? I would keep playing that game… I had to do that with a few hotels before. at the end I got the district manager to email me an apology after he read my survey feedback

    • I decided that the effort for one toolshed wasn’t worth my aggravation. eBay needs to know that the sellers pay the bills and we deserve a fair amount of credit if we have high ratings and pay a lot of money to both ebay and paypal. I mean do this for fun. I couldn’t imagine for those who rely on eBay as a living. It must be a brutal existence..

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