Sidney Crosby was destined to be a Penguin!

As per usual, I had put my son down to a nap and decided to sort cards. I really should be hitting the gym but I somehow rationalized that staying home is best. For no good reason other than that I am feeling quite lazy today.

I am a self-professed numbers geek. I always try to look for interesting number sequences while sorting cards.  Usually I look for number 13 and that usually brings a smile to my face.

Today, I was sorting cards into team and player specific piles. I have quite a bit of older inserts that have run its course. After about 4 shows, the boxes are picked through quite thoroughly. I am always acquiring new stuff so I want to make sure the older stuff are sent to new homes as soon as possible.

Today I happened to stumble on a number of Sidney Crosby. I have become quite a pro at quickly dissecting piles of cards into their respective lots. It’s quite easy for me to sort a mitful of cards in about 2 minutes. I know that because I actually timed it. The faster I get through these cards, the faster I can move, trade or sell these cards.

I was staring at one of his 12-13 Upper Deck Ice base cards and thinking back to games where I saw Mario Lemieux play. The guy was a magician, greatness in its purest form. Then it dawned on me.  Did you know there are 6 letters that form Sidney’s first name S-I-D-N-E-Y? Did you know there are 6 letters that form Sidney’s last name C-R-O-S-B-Y? Together that is 6 and 6, and that matches Mario’s jersey number! I was astounded about that fact that he was destined to play with the Penguins.

I thought was pretty freakin’ neat. Anyways back to cards, my son will wake up from his nap any minute now.


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