Google Series: Apps for baseball nerds!

My last post about Google Glass was purely a dream state post. Meaning I watched the Google Glass (**GG) Promo video and dreamed about the possibilities.

**Any means to short form my posts, I am all for it. Just go for the flow as my mother-in-law would say

Today, I spent my lunch hour perusing the interwebs, looking for real life examples using GG. I should not have been surprised to find this app called  Blue . I have not used the app personally but I can say that it makes me want to try it out. Forget about picking up my phone, gimme dat Glass and stream that nasty data to me! Take me out to the ball game Damn it!

On a serious note, imagine what this could do for managers, GM’s. There is a ton of strategy in baseball. The average fan wouldn’t think so but try telling that to Billy Beane. Could GG enhance what Billy Beane has perfected? The possibilities are endless. So too are the limitations MLB will enforce. I don’t think the old boys club at MLB is quite ready to explode the use of GG on the playing field. Look how long it took them to adopt instant replay.

I wonder what would happen if the San Francisco Giants were owned by Google? Billions are spent acquiring companies in a bid to exploit, proliferate their market reach. GG and the Giants could be a great testing ground. I paused for a moment there and said to myself, “Wow, that would be cool”.

Google doodle anyone?


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