Wheel I ever learn?

Last night, I was doggedly tired after work, but I had promised a close cousin of mine that I would go out for dinner with him. We had a blast.

As much I liked the outing, it didn’t give me a chance to unwind after work. Typically, I need to come home and relax for about an hour. It helps bring closure to the end of my working day and the start of an enjoyable evening with my wife and son.

I will be the first to admit, that I never truly get to come home and relax for an hour. My son calls for that time and I willingly give it to him.

Upon returning home I still felt the need to relax for an hour. It was almost 10 pm and I poignantly refused to take a snooze right there and then. Like my infant son, I threw a hissy fit in isolation (wife and child were asleep) and demanded that I stay  up for 1 hour.  I took off my coat, removed shoes, grabbed a bottle of water and a pack of (insert manufacturer here) chewing gum. Next I surveyed the main floor of my home making sure all windows are closed, doors were locked and lights were turned off. Eventually I made my way to the study, pulled out a four lane box of cards and started sorting. Lately I have been sorting piles of player specific cards to sell on my favorite hobby forum (Hobby Insider). While digging in the box, I came across a few cards that I hadn’t seen before. They looked cool and I wanted to find out what set the cards were from over the weekend. I was too tired to really look at them at this point in the evening. After all, I wanted to relax right?

I decided that I better place the cards somewhere safe on my desk or I will drop them on the floor. A few minutes later, ungraciously, I knocked the pile of cards on the floor. Now you have to picture my computer desk. It’s an L shape desk (as shown below). Ignore the obvious contradiction of terms used below to describe the L shape. At the point where the “K” and the “L” meet in my beautiful pictorial was the spot where the pile of cards landed. I could have easily gotten out of my comfy overpriced Serta chair and retrieved my fallen heroes. I blame my sense of tiredness in determining that I should toe drag the cards back to my outstretched hand and I can easily pick them up. No sweat right? I meant that literally.


The toe drag (which was in line with that of a deep sea trawler) actually worked. I reached down with my left hand to swipe up the loot, managing to somehow force my fallen heroes to see asylum underneath my chair. With razor sharp reflexes, I rolled my chair out of the way to pick them up. Whilst that was successful, I was left holding a batch of cards that were now amputees, just barely shadows of their former selves. I was so intensely angry at myself for failing the mission to bring my fallen heroes back to safe harbor. Instead, they were thrown to the wheels and suffered accordingly. What a great way to notify everyone that I will need to replace the infantry I just blindly destroyed in less than 3 minutes.














Moral of the story. Don’t be an idiot and go to bed when tired LOL.. well that’s it for now.



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