To Shield or not to shield?

That is the question and I do not have an answer. I am player collector of Wendel Clark. No surprises there for those who know me well.

I was going over my PC and realized I did not own one single shield card. I had fancied the idea of picking one up on the cheap of any player just to have in my collection. There were some nice shields out there but none that I could stomach paying more than $100 for. I’d rather spend my money on a piece of cardboard that actually means something to me. If you are going to enjoy the hobby, you might as well continue to do it in a  manner that appeases your insatiable appetite. In my case, it has to be Wade Belak, Wendel Clark or Vintage / HOFer cards. I decided that I would wait for the Wendel Clark shield to appear.

I never thought it would happen so fast. Soon after the big Sports Card Expo show, a few people contacted me about a shield that was on eBay. Excitedly, I clicked on the link provided to me and then my head imploded. Not with sheer joy but with horror. The asking price was $1500 and recently lowered to $1300. Given that I could pick up a Mario Lemieux shield for under $1k, I decided that there are limits to my collection needs. A rare moment where sanity took over compulsiveness.  Despite having set aside funds for an eventual Clark shield, I could not bring myself to the cross the bridge where stupidity resides.  The decision to park my funds in other projects such as my son’s education fund was an easy one.

I pride myself in my ability to think quickly on my feet. In my line of work, that is a skill that will save your butt on more than one occasion. I use the same logic with life in general and it has traversed a path into my collecting world. There have been quite a few times where I have made split decisions resulting in pure happiness. Mind you, not all decisions made are rational ones. Did I really need to buy a prison ID themed shirt last week? Haha!

 I am glad that the shield appeared, I got to see it, but I will never own it. I am proud of myself for thinking rationally for once when it comes to my personal collection. In the theme of “ I am Joe and I am Canadian”, I am a 40 year old child and  I am maturing. HAHA!


2 responses to “To Shield or not to shield?

  1. Great post. Knowing your limits is something that I’m sure all collectors at some point face. To be the one to control the situation (and eventual outcome) as opposed to having the hobby dictate is the real test. While I’m sure there would be some who would pull the trigger on a $1300 BIN, I can appreciate that you said “Nope”.

    Buyer’s remorse is not a fun thing and your post gives the feeling that that’s what might have happened.

    Have a good one.

    • Brett, you are very right. Buyers remorse would have kicked in big time. I am glad I had the strength to say no to it. Perhaps one day it will appear in my collection without having to pull my wallet through my nose. 🙂

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