Wait! What?!?!? WRONG jersey!!!

There are times when I pull a card and it hurts to see the player in another teams jersey. This happened to me with Wendel Clark. I have a very difficult time picking up a card with him in another uniform other than the Leafs. I might give a little on the Red Wings, but I’ll sooner watch paint dry than to see him in a Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey.

Okay enough about Wendel, but this post is about another card.

Andre Reed!

I am a big Buffalo Bills Fan. (I quietly await some sort of cyber joke that shows a hook being dragged across the computer screen like they do to bad comics at the Apollo….. Okay 30 seconds have passed, it looks like I am safe)

I loved Andre Reed. I will only envision him in a Bills Uniform. I saw this card today and almost lost my lunch. I am getting rid of it. I can’t bear to see him in another uniform. Ugh….

Only in Blue and Red of the Bills.. NOooooooooo

Only in Blue and Red of the Bills.. NOooooooooo


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