Father to his son. It doesn’t get any better than this :)

It’s been a while since my last post. A lot has happened in our household.

My wife and I welcomed a baby boy into our home and life has changed overnight. Gone are the late nights when I am listing cards on eBay or hunting for a good deal online.

Those have been swapped for sleep deprived tasks such as changing a diaper or feeding time.  No longer am I sifting through pages and pages of completed items. Instead, I am relegated to staring at my son’s eyes to make sure they don’t open while I try to lay him down to sleep. There is the odd time where I wake up in a panic, worrying about whether or not he has rolled over in the crib. How fast I forget that a 2 week old doesn’t have the strength to do that yet.

There have been packages from eBay and various deals sitting on my study floor, unopened, gathering dust. I don’t even miss my sanctuary or what others may call the Man Cave. I am sure those bubble mailers are lonely but at least they are well fed, waiting for me to expel them from their fibrous trappings. I will let them lay dormant for now. I’d say cards get better with age, but that is no longer the truth. HAHA.

Today I am at work, my eyelids barely open, slicing through emails and barely understanding their content. This task becomes less painful as I stare at the wall just behind my monitor. It is like staring up at the rafters as they retire a jersey in a hockey game. I can hear the crowd yelling in admiration, I can hear his name over the microphone. There he is. He is my number 99, He is my number 13, He is my love. He is my son.




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