I miss hockey

Normally, my NHL biological clock kicks in every October. My wife has to put up with my NHL induced Tourette’s  syndrome. By that I mean, I have a neatly rolled up pair socks that is routinely thrown at the TV when my beloved Leafs make a mistake.

This October, I felt that I could cure my addiction to the NHL by watching OHL, NCAA hockey instead. If it were an NHL game, I wouldn’t dare change the channels, even between periods. I noticed that when I would watch OHL or NCAA, I would flip between channels to watch re-runs of Pawn Stars or Storage Wars. By the time mid November rolled around, I started to flip to other channels while the games were on. By the end of November, I just didn’t bother turning on anything to do with Hockey.

Whilst I love those TV shows, I can’t bare to watch another repeat. I have memorized the shows so much that it wasn’t worth throwing my sock at Dave Hester. LOL.

Today, I really miss the game. I don’t find collecting cards or bustin’ wax as much as fun as it was last year, or any year for that matter.

I know it’s a business. I get it and at the same time, I don’t want to get it. I miss my Saturday nights. I miss throwing the socks. I don’t  think I can endure another Saturday night, helping my wife clean the kitchen, or another part of the house that does not require cleaning. At least in my eyes, if it’s cleaned once, leave it be.

I am giving up hope on this season. Will I solve my addiction to the NHL? Probably not. I don’t think there is a methadone equivalent that could keep me sedated. Good God I hate this feeling.

Good night….






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