Toronto Sports Card Expo Booth 14

Forgive me for not posting any new posts lately. I have been slammed at work and trying to prepare my inventory for my booth at the expo. I will try to blog during the show or post a few pics. Stay tuned as I plan on getting back to writing the week of November 12th.

For those of you who are attending the show, click HERE for details. I will be in booth 14 and will have plenty of football, hockey, baseball and the odd basketball card at my booth. I might even bring some ol’ Nascar goodies. Booth 14 is conveniently located in the same row as the food court. Head in to the show and veer all the way to your right and take a quick left up that very first aisle. I will be on the right hand side.

Here is what I plan on bringing.

1. Up to ten binders (if not more) inserts/rcs/parallels from Baseball, football, hockey and some basketball. I will have a tonne of 2 for $1 deals like I did last few years that have been super popular.

2. Three binders of just Toronto Maple Leafs commons at 10 cents each from the last 15 years. I figured I didn’t need to hang onto these anymore.

3. Two binders (or more) of Auto/gu priced at $2 each or $5 each.

4. Ten boxes of base cards / commons of Hockey, baseball, football and basketball. All at 10 cents each. I will place each commons box on each corner of my booth like gun turrets. If you feel the need to let off steam and fling them at unsuspecting toolshed’s be my guest. J/K

5. Two or more showcases with some sexy loot that I have picked up.

I have a personal bet with a friend that I can sell my box of Flutie Flakes, a Wayne Gretzky unopened Kraft dinner box and finally a Gretzky Cheerios box. Please help me make this a reality LOL.. It means I don’t have to buy coffee on Saturday or Sunday morning for the guys I am set up with.

two Pittsburgh Penguins hats fitted
one Flyers hat fitted.
One Flames Jersey No Name plate
One Penguins jersey no Name plate
One Jets jersey No name plate
One San Jose Sharks Niemi Jersey.


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