Rosie DiManno: One helluva a good writer

Pardon the delay in posting. I have been working a lot and trying to prepare for the upcoming expo here in Toronto. I will get back to posting more in a few weeks, if not earlier.
Everyone has their favorite sports writers / journalists. One of my favorites writers is Rosie DiManno. She is one of those writers that is ambidextrous. Meaning she can write about any topic or genre and do it well.  She has a motherly way of writing, at least that is best way I can explain her writing style. I am not one of those faux-literary analysts that are able to compare writers to obscure legendary writers I have never heard of. Give me the topic of hockey cards and I might be able to recite the backs of each 1990 Pro Set hockey card in 10 minutes flat.

Rosie has recently published a book about Pat Burns, one of my all time favorite hockey celebs. This guy was pure bravado and full of testosterone. It will be interesting to see how she puts her motherly spin on his career. You can get an excerpt from the book via the link below.

Rosie DiManno: The Pat Burns Story

It’s nice to see articles, stories written from someone who has the writing talents like Rosie does. It’s a refreshing departure from some of the well established writers like Al Strachan. Nothing wrong with Al, but man.. each word feels like a bullet out of a gun. Time for some finessing and I am looking forward to her latest book. I can’t wait to read it.


Cheers and see you all at the Fall Toronto Expo if you can make it.

I am in booth 14!


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