2012 Toronto Fall Sports Card Expo

Alas the weekend I had been waiting for 6 months to arrive, has come and gone. When you are having fun, time goes so quickly. As usual I always set up a booth with my good buddy Slopitchfanatic; who is a devout youtuber. You can check him out here:

We bust tonnes of wax product and wanted to unload it all at the expo. That in turn will return us some monies to dump back on card we really want for our own personal collections.

I got a chance to meet numerous friends and establish new friendships. I love this hobby. I’d be lying to you if I never dreamed of owning a store or have been caught day dreaming about opening up Panini’s Dominion products. The quality in these cards are insane.

I have to give a shout out to ITG for a solid product in Forever Rivals. Many of my Wendel Clark cards were hiding in those boxes.

Anyways here is the loot!

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