Lock, Stock and Farrell: A fan’s interpretation of the trade

A few posts back I commented about the Jays and how they did this year. This post is not about the players. The players did amazing considering the hell they went through. But this post is about Blue Jays management and how I view the latest news from the perspective of a fan

Are we too Canadian?

The Jays management team seemingly took the high road according to our native sons, Alex and Paul.

The high road?  

You let Boston walk all over us and they gave us “something” in return.


I would rather have kept our Canadian pride than to have accepted Aviles into our dugout.

Sorry Aviles, this is nothing against you, you are a casualty of war in this instance. I do wish you the best of luck next year.

We Canadians are labeled as being too nice. Well, thankfully Alex and Paul have wonderfully contributed to that stereo type. Instead of “get off my lawn”, we invited more “people to bring their chairs and eat our food on our lawn”.

Paul and Alex, you basically sent a confused message to me as a fan. I don’t have the confidence that you care about what I think or how I feel as a Blue Jays fan. I’d have much preferred that we kept our integrity and honor intact by either firing Farrell or getting something worthwhile coming our way. You both did neither and for that I am sorely upset and disappointed in the both of you.

The Trade itself

There are a number of things that bug me about this trade. The fact that we still had to move 2 pieces for 1 is annoying it of itself. Secondly, we didn’t get a player of real substance. This is just adding insult to injury.

Paul and Alex, you sent a message to me as a fan that the Jays can be bullied by the bigger teams in Baseball.  



I don’t like that we are being bullied by other teams and the Jays should not be viewed as a farm system for the rest of the league.

I don’t like that it took this long to sort out the John Farrell situation. If you knew he wanted to be elsewhere then have the balls to make the move. Don’t let this drag out like it has. I feel stupid for listening to it this long.

I am embarrassed to be a fan right now. Actually down right humiliated is how I feel.

For me to remain as a fan, it all depends on who you bring in to manage this team and what players of substance you will sign in the off season. Those are my final straws in determining if I should continue to support this team or not. Rogers, Alex and Paul, you all have to earn me back as a fan. I am Canadian enough to give you a chance to prove your worth to me as a franchise.

I dare you to try to keep me as a fan.


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