Where is a screw driver when you need one

I was lucky enough to recently secure a purchase of quite a few bulk singles. I needed about 10 or 15 of them for my own collections. At first I wasn’t so sure about paying for the shipping and finally the seller/trader decided to ship it anyway at his own expense.

What arrived in the box dumbfounded me. Each card, worth no more than maybe 10 to 15 dollar max, were each sandwiched between these massive blocks of plastic otherwise known as screw downs. I absolutely hate these things but I can see why people like them. They don’t fit into my collection very well and definitely take up more room in the four lane card board boxes than necessary. A simple top loader will do.

Here is what they look like

Wayyyyyy too much plastic

There must have been at least 20 of these in the package. Needless to say the screws were stripped and some didn’t even come out of the plastic. I finally decided to see if I could avoid using a saw if at all possible. Funny how easily these fall apart with a flat head screw driver ( I have no idea what these screwdrivers are called officially and I am not one that is inclined in the construction/handy man department). With some brute force and a couple of flat heads, these freakin plastic prisons were broken part and my cards finally released into the open air. However in a few cases the cards were not encased in penny sleeves. UGH.. The first incident left me in shock to see that the card was stuck to the dang plastic. I was so frustrated I freaking threw the plastic hell into the recycling bin. On the way to the bin, the card peeled itself off the front facing plastic panel and landed squarely beneath the wheel of my chair. In shock I tried to roll away, instead I rolled right onto the card. It resembled a John Tavares YG with the roller marks. So  much for snagging that card for my PC.

Thank God for eBay. A minutes later I picked up the card I wanted all this time. I think it’s time to banish these thick plastic card condoms for good. Now where is my advil.. my carpal tunnel is blooming like summer daisies..


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