Thanksgiving.. at least for some of us

I was again reflecting on the holiday while I was sorting cards. I flipped on the tube and began watching the Cardinals and Nats game. It dawned on me that we love to say that we’d switch spots with an athlete any day of the week. I still think that is true but not without sacrifice.

I remember listening to the radio one day in which a player was talking about how much time they spend away from home. Not being able to attend their kids special events, or even being home long enough during Christmas break to be with their families. I know a lot of these guys make a pile of money and have a so called dream life, but I am glad that I got to spend the entire weekend with my family. Those are fun times that can’t be purchased or acquired through material means.

I guess at least some of the NHL hockey players will get a chance to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with their loved ones. OR at the very least have dinner at the Fehr household.

In short, happy Thanksgiving and be thankful of the special memories you have had with your family over the weekend. Not everyone gets to say that.




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