Toronto Blue Jays 2012 Summary

I think the main reason there is so much focus on the Jays is largely due to the fact that Hockey isn’t around to write about. Perhaps all the pro hockey writers have to spin their negativity around the Jays to earn a pay cheque. Who knows but this wasn’t the year to be the only good team around T. O.

Here is my summary as a fan of the Jays.

Brett Lawrie. Dude is awesome, fun and exciting to watch. He’s a hockey player in a baseball uniform.

Jose Bautista. Injuries happen. He will be back!

Pitching. Ugh. Gorzemplatz. Ermagerd werttt hherppened? Did the Jays ban someone from bringing their pet goat to a game? I have never witnessed so many chaotic injuries affecting a roster this badly. Let’s hope they don’t develop PTSD next year.

Travis Snider. Man did we derail this guy like Nazem Kadri? Kid deserved a chance elsewherw. Good luck Snider!

Pitching. Did I cover this yet? Oh right I did.

Rest of team. Meh. But I would be equally as guilty of not playing my best if my team were so far out of contention for a wild card spot. Thank God there aren’t millions of people watching me do my full time job. Ugh.

Fans. You guys stuck through. +1

Finally John Farrel. If the Bosox want him so badly ask for the kitchen sink. I am tired of the Bosox and Yankees being bullies. If this situation goes down badly, it could turn me off baseball altogether. I am at that point. Sad but true.


2 responses to “Toronto Blue Jays 2012 Summary

  1. Surprised not to see a comment about Edwin Encarnacion. He quietly (apparently….very quietly) had a great campaign.

    I enjoy Lawrie’s play but am hoping he become that consistent game breaker that I know is inside him. He’s got a ton of talent.

    I’m excited to see what they bring to Toronto next season. While this year was a bust, they are a team that can be much more than a .500 team.

    • Holy Cow how did I forget about him! UGH.. I was waiting for a Doctor’s appointment and did the blog post from my phone while waiting. LOL.. I will get him next time.

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