1989 Batman Trading cards and Garbage Pail kids cards?

While I was re-organizing some of my older boxes of cards I came across one of my favorite sets from my early days of collecting. Who’da thunk we’d come so far along to re-issue Batman trading cards with pieces of memorabilia and autographs. But back then, this was the illest stuff on the planet. I remember buying packs and packs of this stuff. These shoddily cut, off centred, rough paper stock was treated like gold in my day. I had them in binders, top loaders  and whatever other methods were available to keep the cards “safe”. I had quick laugh as I must have put them into thick screw downs at one point. Needless to say that I removed them from their plastic prisons and released them into the wild wilderness into fibrous 300 count boxes. Packaged and ready to hand off to the next child I see at the Expo with some free time on their hands. Thanks for the memories but it is time to be deported to a world where only children live.

Here is a peak of one of the cards.. Damn this card is perfectly capable of grading… is it worth 10 bucks? Nah…. Let’s see them get their corners messed up and give a child a smile. That is worth more than a pound of gold in my eyes.

The caped warrior

I also found some of these cards too.. I have no idea why I liked them so much..Bugly cards but meh.. they brought back memories too..Again, also sharing a room with the Batman cards above for someone else to enjoy.

Horror warriors? A bit of a stretch.. lol

Well back to organizing for me.. thanks for taking the time to enjoy the post. I am sure I will be back with more later today.

Note to self: I was too lazy to scan my actual cards so I found some similar ones on the interweb. 10 push ups mister!!


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