Unconditiional love of an absolute train wreck

Why do I do this to myself? I moved to Toronto in August of 2004. I had spent my life dreaming of coming to Toronto to work and finally getting a chance to go see my beloved Leafs play. Unfortunately that year was the lock out. I didn’t get to watch much hockey. However what has transpired since then has not been pleasant. 1. 2005-06, out of the playoffs with 90 points 2. 2006-07 out of the playoffs with 91 points 3. 2007-08 out of the playoffs with 83 points 4. 2008-09 out of the playoffs with 81 points 5. 2009-10 out of the playoffs with 74 points 6. 2010-11 out of the playoffs with 85 points 7. 2011-12 an 18 wheeler fell off a cliff with 80 points We all know that Leafs fans will come back to the team. There is no doubt about that. That is in our nature as Leafs fans. For every Leafs fan that disappears, there are a million more that are willing to pick up the slack and buy tickets, jerseys and other paraphernalia. MLSE “knows” that. The new owners will definitely know that. That gives the Leafs ever opportunity to do things the right way instead of putting band-aids in place. I understand the cap is a concern and must be addressed, but surely crafty drafting and deploying a carefully documented strategy on educating Leafs fans on how they intend to rebuild will be effective to get them over the hump. But the Leafs management is reactive instead of proactive. They feel the pressure to perform despite the positive ROI. Not many business models get that luxury in life and they must USE it to their advantage. I am not a business man. I am a simple lover of the game of hockey and my blue and white, but I can see clearly through all the muck. At least I feel I do. After so many years of watching losing seasons, I am getting a bit distressed. I want to love them but part of me feels that they haven’t shown the fan base the proper respect it deserves. Treat us like proper fans and educate us, rebuild us into the glorious sports town that we are. You have the power, the influence and the financial outlook to make us proud one day. I guess it is true with the cliché, “money doesn’t buy happiness”. It’s a grand façade. I will be back to watch my Leafs. I already know that. That is the sad part. I am part of the problem.


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