Funny in-person moments with athletes: Part 2

Another funny story to tell!


My unexpected “celeb” run-in was the summer of 2010, and the World Series of Poker was taking place in Las Vegas. I was playing baccarat at Red Rock off-strip by myself, with my girlfriend sitting next to me. To my left comes Phil Ivey. He had mid-five figures in banana chips, and sat down to my left. He was wearing a Washington Capitals fleece pullover. It looked like one that you’d get free for subscribing to Sports Illustrated. My GF is an Ovechkin fan (don’t ask), and has no clue who Ivey is. I obviously do and cooly (at least in my eyes) say hello to Phil and leave it at that. It’s WSOP time and he’s just looking to relax betting thousands at a time. He loses three hands in a row, and in an attempt to cheer him up, she tells Ivey that she likes his fleece. He puts on a smile and says thanks. He loses three out of the next four hands (sometimes we were playing on the same side, sometimes not, and was cool about it when my bet was about 1/10th of his and we were on opposite sides), says thanks, tokes the dealer and walks away. While I’m excited because I got to gamble with a guy like Ivey, my GF can’t stop talking about his fleece. I then had to tell her who Ivey was and showed her some video from ESPN. Now whenever we see him on TV, his Caps fleece is always mentioned.

I forgot to mention that Ivey is only a celebrity to gambling degenerates such as myself. For those that don’t know him, sorry for the waste of space…

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