Funny in-person moments with professional athletes: Part 1

None of these are my stories but are stories that were shared by my colleagues on the hobby boards. I hope these folks don’t mind me sharing these goodies on my blog. I will post a new one every couple of days or so.

“After a Flames / Hawks game in Calgary, my friend and I were talking to Bob Probert about who he fought, who punched the hardest and for some reason I asked him to punch me (I was in a serious state of refreshment). He laughed it off and to be honest I’m kind of glad he declined my offer. Worst bit is he gave an answer but I have no idea who it was…”

“Second one (you can do this on any star and I’ve always wanted to do this)… my dad and me were at a big rugby match in Scotland, the players came out onto the pitch for a pre-match walk around and my dad’s favorite player (Adrian Morley) came near us, so I call over “Adrian, how about a photo?” He comes and over and says no problem, so I say “Could you take one of me and my dad please?” – luckily he laughed about it… he is huge!”

Courtesy of Enforcersonly on Hobby Insider.


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