Lost top rated seller status: Should I feel bummed out?

Woke up yesterday morning to find out that I lost the top rated seller status. I only had it for 3 weeks. I am not sure why this affected my mood yesterday but I finally got it out of my system. As long as I feel I am trying my best to please people and allow me to still collect in the hobby, I feel justified in my actions. Surprised at how little people actually understand what “shipping time” really means. I always ship between 1 to 3 days after payment. I cannot control the Postal system. Nor can I afford the $23 to send with tracking either. Doesn’t make sense when you are trying to flip a $4 card that you got in your box break to be able to buy the next box of hobby product. Oh well these are the perils of eBay and I must live with it. It happens and you can’t fault yourself for it.

Anyways thanks for hearing my rant. Off to work I go.


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