2011-12 Panini Dominion Gallery

I picked up some 2011-12 Panini Dominion hockey cards recently and am shocked at the low sale prices on some of the patches out of 25. Needless to say that I completely disagree with the mass synopsis on the product from a pricing perspective. They are simply stellar to look at in person. I love the clean designs and the patches on some of these are just insane. Here are some that I picked up.. See below

-- Stellar patches!Sicker patches..


4 responses to “2011-12 Panini Dominion Gallery

  1. Hands down the most volatile product in terms of the secondary market from this past year (maybe in the past few). Linden cards /10 have gone for less than cards /50. And I’ve found cards in toonie bins at the local shows.

    Crazy stuff.

    Great pickups.

    • It’s crazy how little these go for sometimes. I have been lucky enough to sell them for a bit more than the ebay going rate. I hope that trend continues.

      I need to hit up the BC shows a bit more LOL.. Toonie bins with Dominion cards LOL..

  2. I am going after the set with the “patch” versions only, as in no nameplate, prime, jersey number etc. I am sometimes surprised by how low some of these sell for. I love the design of them. Ameet, if you find any of them at the card show, hit me up! Would definitely be interested! Just recently picked up a bunch off you LOL. So if you get more please let me know!!

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