2012 Summer Olympics

Well I knew this would happen and it did. With all the hype I still managed to forget that it started today. If it were not for the Toronto Star, I’d have never known that our Canadian Women’s soccer team lost to Japan. All that to say that I proved to myself that I could care less about the Summer Games. I know it’s sad, we have CDN women and men who have busted their humps to make it to the grand stage. The least I can do is support them. I do, but in a non-turn-on-my-tv-and-stay-glued way.

I am a winter games sort of dude. Winter sports do far more to excite me than the summer games. I can safely say that I probably won’t watch the summer games sparing the odd highlight reel or two. Sorry Summer, Winter is where it’s at.



One response to “2012 Summer Olympics

  1. Well it appears I am Completely confused. So the Olympics are not officially opened but the games have started? UGH.. TOo much information to process this early in the AM.

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