The art of negotiation: Story of a a boy and his father

I will eventually write a long post about my expo adventures at the Toronto Sport Card expo, but we will have to settle for shorter blog posts for now. I am actually at work taking a break. While most surf the web or check facebook, I am writing blogs posts. Haha!

There were a few cool stories that came to mind. One that stuck out was about a boy and his father. The father was trying to teach his 7 year old son, the art of negotiation. I knew that I wanted to let the little boy have his time in the sun, despite how busy my booth was at the time. Here is how the conversation went. I will never forget this for as long as I live.

Dad: “Ask the man what you want to do.”
Son: Tugging on his dad’s sleeve, “what do I want to say Dad?”
Dad: “You want to trade this card for cup cards” (sic) Cup == Upper Deck The Cup hockey cards. Dad proceeds to thrown down a BGS 10 Nugent Hopkins Young guns rookie. I knew this was going to be interesting. The son repeats the statement his Dad just made.
Son: ” I want to trade for this card”, pointing at a lower end 20 autograph card sitting in my case. I knew I wasn’t going to let this kid trade $200 Nooge for $20 scrub. I let the dad jump in and tell his kid that was a BAD deal.
Dad: “Tell the man you want to trade for $400 worth of cards for this one”
Son: ” But I only want this one, and how much is 400? Is it more than 20?
Dad: “Son, yes it is a lot more and you can get more than just 1 card for this one” The dad was clearly frustrated. “Have you told the man your name yet?”
Son:” My name is (insert name here)” I forget what his son’s name is, insert any name but let me continue with the story LOL
Dad:” Ask him what his name is”
Me: “My name is Ameet”
Son: ” What kind of name is that?”
Me: ” Its from India, but I was born here in Canada”
Dad: ” He is not native indian like us, he is indian from somewhere else”
Son confused again, reads my name tag on my lanyard:” oh..”
By this point the dad was frustrated and wanted to teach his son the value of trading. It was one of the most fun moments of the expo. I really enjoyed helping a dad teach his son the value of money. I don’t have kids yet, but I can see how much fun it would be!


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