Expo Show and Tell: Some neat cards

As usual at the expo, I do a lot of trading, buying of collectibles. I am usually not able to resist a good deal or trade. However every now and then you get a few gems that find its way into your hands. I will save some of the stories for a later post but right now I just want to show you guys some of my pick ups.

Some cool Redemptions from the In the Game booth. Wade Belak and Wendel Clark. Warriors!

Some Topps Gold Label sp of Brian Boucher, Erik Karlsson MVP Rookie SP and others

Can’t go wrong with Jagr and Lindros sp’s

Some Between the Pipes Goodies and a super rare SP of Bourque

In the Game did some real beauties with their products. Here are some examples I picked up. I love the Ray Bourque SP. not a bad pick up for 10 loonies

ITG Captain's C additions

This are only a few of the cards I snagged. One PC item in there too! Can you guess it? Yup Wendel Clark Silver. I now have 10 of these. I believe there are 30 total. Would be a dream to own each and every one.

Stay tuned for the next post. More goodies to come


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