Completing the Trifecta: A story about a trade

At the Toronto Sport Card Expo, I decided to open a box of 2011-12 ITG Between the pipes hockey. Easily one of my favorite hobby box breaks each year. Dr. Brian Price always puts out a stellar goalie product. Thank you to In the Game in advance.

I ripped open my box at the ITG redemption table in hopes of getting a super cool redemption. Upon completion of the box rippage, I got an Arturs Irbe redemption. I was happy anyways but the redemption wasn’t of a player that I was overly excited about.

Let’s rewind a few hours prior to breaking that box of BTP at the ITG redemption booth. I met a collector from Edmonton, Alberta who was very passionate about collecting Arturs Irbe cards. At that time I had none, but promised him I would seek him out if I do get one.

Fast forward back to the point in time where I was given the Arturs Irbe card, I leaned over to my buddy and told him I wish that Irbe collector was here now. It so happens that he was standing right behind me. Immediately he wanted to do a trade. I ended up trading for this super redonk patch of Vanek from 05/06 ITG Heroes & Prospects. At first I had my mind-set on keeping the card. A few hours later I decided to sell it. I showed it to my friend Jeremy who then showed it to another collector by the name of Marcel who is also from Edmonton.  Within a few minutes the card was sold. Marcel then asked me where I got it. I told him the story and it so happens that Marcel and this Irbe collector have been negotiating over this card for the better part of a few months. Both are from the same town.

I thought this was crazy as I was the conduit to allow Marcel to get his dream card and Irbe collector got his card as well. These stories don’t happen every day and I wanted to share it with all of you who do take 3 minutes to read my blog.


2 responses to “Completing the Trifecta: A story about a trade

    • I know. I am a big believer in synchronicity. Everything happens for a reason. I am glad that I was able to make sure the card ended up with the person who wanted it most. This story made me smile after I found out who these guys were. The best part is that they have become friends!

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