Tim “The Rock” Raines Show and Tell

On Thursday May 3rd, I happened to check out the Fergie Jenkins posting on the expo website and my heart jumped when I saw that The Rock was going to be there on Saturday May 5th.

Sure shot, On Friday at 3:59 pm I left my booth and arrived at the autograph booth pronto at 4 pm. There was no one there. Not even Fergie. They had all left by 1 pm.  I was so mad. The admin at the booth was nice enough to offer to have a ball signed that evening my Tim and bring it back for me. However I declined. I don’t believe in buying auto’s unless I get a chance to meet the player myself. I am paying for the experience of meeting an idol. The autograph is worthless to me otherwise. To be honest, I am paying money for an opportunity to shake the man’s hand and tell him that I loved watching him during my boyhood days.

On Saturday, I heard an announcement over the speaker that Tim Raines was back to sign again. I was so excited, I nearly toppled over the poor bargain hunters at my table looking for a deal. There were no deals but regardless, I made my way to meet Tim. At first I stood in the wrong line up, poor Fergie Jenkins asked me what I wanted to sign. I was so excited that I exclaimed I was here to see Tim. After I left the booth, i realized that I came off like a 8 year old kid and felt really bad. Next time, I am going to get Fergie to sign something big like a Jersey or a bat, and I will give a nice donation to his foundation. Fergie if you ever read this, I am very sorry and will make it up to you.

I have to keep in mind that I am 38 years old and should act professionally every where I go. LOL!

Tim, he was a real cool dude. Very soft spoken and built like a tank. Its good to see that they continue to work out after they retire. Or maybe they are blessed with good genetics. I unfortunately have the opposite, mind you I bet I could float in the ocean better than anyone. Whoops, way off topic.

Here is the outcome of the autographed ball I got from Tim. Guess what is going to go right next to it. Andre “The Hawk” Dawson whenever he chooses to come to Toronto. It would be a dream come true!


The Rock


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