Toronto Sport Card Expo Day 1 Recap

It is now 7 am and I am loading up my human fuel: Caffeine! Friday is always the longest day of the show. Usually it is my favorite day as I get to see a lot of cards change hands. I managed to get some cards graded by BGS which ain’t bad since I have never seen them come to Toronto before. Maybe they have but I can’t remember the last time they came.  I broke a box of Elite Hockey, ITG BTP which resulted in a me being very happy camper.

I had a blast running into old friends, making new friends and of course trading cards! No PC items were snagged unfortunately. However I will be getting a Jim Rice and Tim Raines Auto’d balls today. I loved the Montreal Expos back in the day. I will post all my charms next week after I recover from the expo hangover. Thank the lord for Advil, or I’d have to call in sick LOL.



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