Wade Belak ITG Enforcers Fight Strap 1 of 8: PC addition

I was very excited to add another item to my Wade Belak personal collection. I am still saddened that he isn’t around anymore. I still think of him from time to time and wished maybe there was something someone could have done to prevent this unfortunate incident. My heart goes out to his family, especially his young kids.

A true warrior he was and still is. I got to finally add this card to my collection.

Wade Belak, one tough customer

I really wanted to complete the run of Wade Belak cards from ITG enforcers. However that appears very unlikely. The 1/1 Tough Patch is listed at a really high BIN on eBay. I want it badly but I cannot afford the asking price of over $600. I will at the very least have a picture of it for future reference.

I hope you all enjoy and please take a few minutes to think about the positives life has to offer. More often than not, many a good soul has been taken from us to early.




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