Honus Wagner

While I will never own “THE” Honus Wagner card, I will settle for this card below. I was lucky enough to pull this out of Topps Triple Threads. I wish I could remember the year as I am doing this post on my break at work and do not have the card in hand. However thanks to Photo bucket, I can at least access my scans.

Topps Triple threads hands down is one of my favorite sets ever produced. They go the extra mile by having unique die cuts for the jersey cards that feature something unique about a player. For example last year they had a Vladimir Guerrero Jersey piece that spelled out the word “Impaler”. It forces you to do a bit of research as to why they did that. This makes collecting this set a bit ‘o fun! Mind you with the price point, your fun can only go so far.

For the Honus Wagner, they chose this die cut out for the bat pieces, something new for me to ponder and research. Anyways I thought you’d want to enjoy some baseball vintage memorabilia. No better way to start than to show player who may have started all of this cardboard craziness.



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