Reading Rainbow: Am I blind?

I made a trade with a collector eons ago. In true OCD, hoarding fashion, I packed these in a box for future use. The definition of future use is unknown, however what I think it really means is that I like to look at many different cards. I have so much that I forget what I actually own!

Part of purging or downsizing is keeping items that really mean something to you. Get rid of the excess baggage and waste is a natural next step in order to clean house.

I stumbled upon these three 2009-10 ITG (In the game) Between the pipes (BTP) Homegrown game used jersey cards of Evgeni Nabokov. I quickly looked up Beckett and eBay completed sales to see what they were worth. Unfortunately it was NPDTS and eBay had nothing like this sold in the last 90 days.

It wasn’t until I saw the checklist that I realized I had a rainbow and I wasn’t even trying to chase it down. I just happen to acquire it through various trades or one trade. I can’t remember. Don’t ask a hoarder when or where they got their wares. 99% of the time, it will result in depression trying to figure out how the hell he or she ended up with all this crap.

Well enjoy, I put it up on eBay and hopefully I can find a buyer who will give me money to reinvest in the cardboard economy. (Shhhh yes I put it up with a redackulus buy it now price. I am sure someone out there has posted about how stupid this listing is. They are probably right but then again, I made you look!)

2009-10 In the Game ITG Between the pipes homegrown Evgeni Nabokov rainbow!


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