Phat Boy: Eating food like it’s a famine. Do I lose weight in the future?


That is all I pretty much think about now. I stated earlier that I was going to eat what I want without guilt until May 6th, 2014. How do I feel? Absolutely awful!

I have been eating pizza, poutine, chips, chocolate bars with reckless abandon. Now I am not skipping work, ordering 7 large pies and mowing down the slices while still in my jammy jams. I am still doing what I do and not LYING to myself about it. OR you guys for that matter.

Faulty logic aside, I feel like hungover every day. It’s as if I partied well into the night and went to bed super late. I wish that was truth, but I was in bed before 11 and did not eat anything past dinner time.

For those of you who are slightly interested, I am not a snack master in between meals. I should be, but I only remember about food at breaky, lunch and dinner. It’s the amount I eat during those meals that is cause for concern.

Well anyways, I just wanted to post this. Quickly I will bury it with a sports post. I look forward to coming back and reading these posts of mine. Will I make it? Will I actually be healthy? Who the hell knows? Today I am frustrated. My stomach feels off, I feel off, I wish I had a headache for Advil to take care of. Nope, I just have my sad reality that I am eating like crap and paying for it. Can’t ignore that can I.

Be a man and face the music old boy.. May 6th is only a few weeks away.



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