Leafs Unplugged

So everyone is up in arms about Dion not making himself to the media after being killed by the Blues. People are saying he is not a true captain and has let the team down. Whilst I agree his style of play was less than spectacular, I don’t agree that he needs to grandstand and BS his way through a media huddle. I commend him for recognizing he was angry and avoiding getting himself and the team in more trouble. A Captain is supposed to think before he speaks. + 1 Dion.

The media are paid for stories. The NHL gets better publicity by having the players speak to the media. What on earth does this have to do with being a Captain? Absolutely nothing. I expect my Captain to show leadership in the room and on the ice. I could give a rat’s behind what he says to the media and to fans. There is too much exposure on these athletes to begin with. 24/7 they are expected to walk about with a smile on their faces while the media and fans call for the guillotine. Fodder for rumours (screw you spellcheck, I am a Canadian. We like our “U” and we intend to keep it).

Fodder to sell papers, fodder to sell articles, fodder to feed blogs. Fodder Fodder, fodder.. FOOODDDDEERRRRRRRRRR!!!!


In case you didn’t know what fodder was


Need examples?

The media is “just okay”.

See what happened there ^.

An unnecessary comment came at a heated moment in a post-game scrum. Look at how much traction that got. Was it worth it. Hell No.

Does it make it okay that it gave even more incentive for trolls to bash April Reimer? Hell No.. but it did I am sure.

If I had my way, I’d tell all the players stay off twitter (mind you I’d miss biznasty2.0), go home and unplug.

I got that off my chest. I am satisfied now on the next topic.


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