Traffic & Leafs

There was no good reason as to why my body felt the need to stay awake. By awake, I mean on the cusp of sleep. I believe in medical terms, true sleep is REM sleep of which I had none of last night. As I type the words onto this page, my eye lids are amazingly defying gravity.
I drudged my way into the car this morning, feeling the need for pure silence. No sports radio, no morning chatter with my wife. She felt the same. We both looked at the road in front of us and followed the same pattern we always do on our way to work. ‘
• Open door & start engine
• Bicker about the cold until the car warms up
• Run outside without gloves and a hat and scrape off the ice
• Get back in the card, put on the gloves you forgot to wear while scraping the ice off our car
• Bicker again about the cold
• Put the car in reverse and pray no one is walking behind us as we pull out into the road way
• Pray again that it is not garbage day and I won’t run over the garbage bin again
• Turn left and drive away
• Follow the same migratory path you have followed for the past few years
When you are moving at 40 KM an hour; creating anagrams from license plates is fairly easy to do. It is the only thing to do when silence if what you crave. Every now and then, a thought will race through my mind, reminding me that I have forgotten X or Y. Sort of like TV commercials interrupting my sports shows, reminding me of what I do not own but need to.
• Forgot work pass card = check.
• Forgot lunch = check
• Forgot Sunglasses = check
• Forgot to call in sick = check
My wife is equally as miserable as I am. She is fettering through paper work that is due by 9AM. Like a true project managers, we both notice that we are 5 minutes late arriving to our target area of the highway. We failed in our morning discovery session by leaving our sunglasses at home, and could not mitigate any risk as we both forgot to watch City TV prior to hopping in the car. Somehow I was to blame for not catching any of the above. Someone always has to be the scapegoat on a failed project.
Today I felt like the Toronto Maple Leafs over the past 5 or so games. All milestones/checkpoints were missed. Risk could not be mitigated, nor could we make up ground on the playoff dwellers above us. The water levels are rising in the basement, soon to drown out our pain. As usual, we are almost out of time.
These were the thoughts I had this morning. How depressing! Now where did I leave my Timmies?


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