Card Board Pheromones

One of the ways to combat your lack of control is avoidance. Addicted to chocolates? Don’t go into a candy store. Addicted to ciggies, don’t hang out with people who smoke. Addicted to cleaning, avoid lemon scented liquids with bald dudes on the bottle. You see it sounds simple, but it is really not.

I am very fortunate to live far enough away from an LCS that I am not tempted to get in my car, fire up some Oasis songs and find a lonely pack of cards calling my name. Thankfully I am blessed with the laziness gene, that helps counter any sudden urges to get into a car and drive to an LCS.  The third advantage is having a supportive person in your life, like my wife. However her support usually comes in the form of an action list of things I need to do around the house. By the time I get my lazy butt up to do any of the chores, the shop has closed and another day has passed.

(Yes, I know what you are thinking. You can break products online, but obviously I didn’t consider that fact when I began writing this post. I am too lazy to figure out another cool angle to write about. PFFT.. pretend I don’t own a computer.. Rats! I am typing on one right now.. ah hell just move to the next paragraph please!)

My problem is that I cannot enter a card shop and NOT leave with at least something.  I feel that in order to validate my trip, I have to have something tangible in my hands. Now buying a $2 dollar pack of cards should suffice and it would if I were alone in the store without my friends. BUT if my friends are at the shop, fugeddaboutit. It’s always one more pack, one more box and boom I am off the wagon. God help me! LOLOLOLOL

(On a serious note, my new hobby is buying diapers.. Apparently there are all sorts of products and sub brands. No 1/1’s tho..;) )


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