A baby of a collection intervention

Our baby is due in December. My wife and I are super excited. However we were not expecting excitement to quickly become a wee bit stressful as we had to re-organize the way we have lived for the past 7 years. We just had ourselves and our hobbies to occupy our time. My wife has her pencil collection and I have my sports cards.

We had made a decision about 4 months ago about which room we would make the “baby” room. My wife took it seriously being the Scorpio that she is, and me being a Gemini, took the road less stressful. I only started to worry now. I had no clue or didn’t admit to myself that the “Re-org” would consume my mind for the past few weeks. I was in for a real treat.

One of my dreams was to have my own collections room. Three years ago when we bought our house, my wife was scheming of ways to decorate the house and I on the other hand, was looking for the perfect room to call my collections room. The room was perfect. A 12 foot by 8 foot room with a big enough closet to hang my jerseys and other sports related paraphernalia. I was in heaven, I had my own TV, my computer, and my sports cards. For the past 3 years, I have had the luxury of coming into my room and just chilling out. I would usually have the hockey game on, a group break on Blog TV and a pile of cards to sort.

Fast forward to this weekend. The “Re-org” began. I felt like the borders that I once policed were being broken down. The Berlin wall of my collections room had been broken down.. A smattering of concrete lay around me. However I was happy to do it. That surprised me more than anything. I thought nothing would come between me and my hobby. Funny how a Baby changes all of that.

I thought that it would be a simple task. Simply pick up box A and move it to Point A. Pick up box B and move it to Point B. Seventeen hours later, I am still at it. I hauled my butt down to Cost Co to pick up some steel shelving similar to those found in a industrial shops. Fully capable of handling 600 pounds of sports cardage. Little did I know that 99% of my cards were useless ones that I had tucked away and forgotten about. I managed to uncover an archaeological wonder buried in my closet. How on earth did I manage to keep such junk. Doug Flutie Flakes, unopened boxes of Wayne Gretzky Kraft Dinner, an  unopened box of Pro set. Really.. Pro Set.. What the hell am I doing??

After having watched a few episodes of collection intervention, I began to feel like the wanker on those shows. Secretly I am a bit of wanker but I am not going to admit it. SO THERE. NEXT!

I stared at the Flutie Flakes and remembered the trip to the grocery store when I was much younger. That memory lasted 15 seconds before I quickly determined it was best left for someone else to enjoy. That was followed by the unopened box of Wayne Gretzky Kraft Dinner boxes. It wasn’t long before the box was filled with those items along with game issued towels from Buffalo Bills games, Senators games and other junk. It felt great and my guest room/collection room renovation was underway.

It is now 12:33 AM and I have been at this for way too long, my legs are tired, my arms are tired and if I find another 1990 Pro Set common buried in my boxes, I will scream.

Well that’s it for now, time for some shut eye and get back to this in the morning.

By the way, anyone want any 1990 Pro Set Football cards? UGH.. sweet dreams for me…



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