Sometimes you have to have gumption

I had two Wendel Clark cards up on the bay that I wanted. One was a regular auction and the other was an auto patch nameplate card. I have everything by the letter A so I am almost there.

I looked at the BIN and decided to throw money at it. Being an eBay seller myself, I sometime surprise people when I accept their offers. If its good, I take it. Well this seller must be like me. I have little patience for those who will increment their offer by $1 trying to get me to bite. If I wanted an auction style listing, I’d have listed it that way.

The Enforcers /10 Red, popped up in a lot on eBay. I saw the image, listing description and threw money at it. Surprisingly it went for a lower amount than I thought it would. Part of me thinks it is because all the Wendel Collectors are after the big ones out of prime. I will be patient. Those cards usually make their way to me eventually. LOLOL


Warrior x2


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