Courage, bravado and pure mind over matter!

Yesterday I had the good fortune to have a cousin come visit me from the great land down south. No not Windsor Ontario!  I am talking about Chicago. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful places to visit. (<–  I hate MS Word because apparently this sentence is fragmented. Screw it! I am keeping it because it is exactly what I am trying to say. UGH) (<–  this sentence passed the filter, YAY!)

My cousin is a doctor and happened to notice my painful walks without my cane around my house. Quickly he suggested an MRI should be done immediately to prevent further damage. Thank God he didn’t tell me for the thousandth time to lose weight. I know I know! Stop rolling your eyes dear readers!

(My cousin) Being from Chicago, he and I were conversing about his love for the Bears and my love for the Bills. Quickly this conversation escalated from team vs team to country vs country. Quite typical with sports fans in general. He was passionate about his beliefs and so was I. We agreed to disagree.

On my way up to bed, I started to think about an article I had read about one of the Bears players needing arthroscopic surgery prior to the start of the season. I can’t remember who the player was, but Urlacher seems to ring a bell for some reason. I could look it up but then I would get sidetracked from writing this post.

Long story short, I am having this issue for 6 months and I am still not better. How on earth do some of these players get the drive to play through pain and in a very violent sport? The first thought  in my brain was to think they were crazy. From there I thought it was courageous, then brave crept into the thought process. A tip of the cap goes out to those who get through these injuries with a smile on their face. I should be lucky that I am not performing in front of thousands of fans like they do. There is a reason why they are in the top leagues. They have the guts, bravado and courage to fight through anything. That’s why they made it where they did.

My thought this morning right at this moment is about getting a coffee or tea. Where the hell did I put my cane again?


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