Trevor Linden: The man deserved better

For the record, I am not a Canucks fan but I respect them because they are a Canadian Team first and foremost. I have a strategy that comes into play when the Stanley Cup Playoffs arrive. Leafs first of course, followed by everyone else with Montreal being last. I was born to hate the Habs. I love secretly but I hate them too LOL.

The paragraph above has absolutely nothing to do with what I am about to write next LOL. I always admired Trevor Linden. I always will. I get that Mike Keenan is a well respected hockey man, but I can’t stand the sight of him. Anger curses through my veins when his name is mentioned. He was the reason that Trevor Linden left Vancouver. When I had heard it was Keenan who was instrumental in ousting Linden, I just got madder. Mike, if you are reading these words, trust me, I hate you only from a hockey standpoint. I have no idea what you might be like in person but that is besides the point.

Trevor should have remained a Canuck till the day he retired. There was no reason to oust a proven leader. Trevor toiled in many places but he was never the same. Trevor, I am glad you got a chance to go back and settle your career with the Canucks. I will forever admire your style of play, heart and constant smiles.

I picked up this card and I was smiling all the way to the bank. The smile bank of course.


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