2012-13 NHL Hockey Lockout

I swear if there is another hockey lockout, I am going to lose my mind. 2004/05 was a terrible time for me. I need hockey to confort me in times when I am down and need a pick up. Some people use drugs, some use alcohol, I use hockey as my release. I live, eat and breathe the sport. I can tell you that back in 2004/05, I suffered greatly. Unfortunately, competitive bowling didn’t quite give me the “hit” I required. Admittedly, playing NHL video games didn’t solve it either.

I will say that I did manage to spend quite a bit of my time with the wife and we got married in 2006. Oddly enough I have a baby on the way in Dec and maybe it is best I spend more time with him or her. In one sense, my family will not require an intervention to get me back into their lives.

On a serious note, it bothers me to no end. Get on with it guys..we have been through this twice already and the NBA was no better served either during their lockout. I am sad to say that the NBA lockout pretty much turned me off the sport almost entirely. It will take me a long time to watch that again.
Thanks for listening to my rant.



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