My name is Jonas

—> An open letter to Jonas Gustavsson  <—-

Jonas, don’t take it to heart. There have been many who have come and gone before you as a member of the blue and white. Several have gone on to bigger and better things, achieving greatness under a new team flag.

I feel in my heart of hearts you are a great goalie and need a new fresh start. Many in Leafs Nation have not seen the playoffs in close to 8 years, nor a Stanley Cup since 1967. For these reasons alone, Leafs fans are unforgiving. Please do not bear malice against us.

You started on the Leafs with the odds stacked against you. Playing for a very tough audience, having medical issues and playing for a former coach who let you hang out to dry.  For those reasons alone, I am surprised you are as cordial as you are in interviews. Thanks for being a good spirit.

I write this with the assumption that you will be in another city next year. Part of me hopes that you will stay, but I won’t blame you for leaving. At this point, a clean break is a good break.

I tip my cap to you. Thanks Jonas for your few years of service.

Currently available for sale/trade.

Updated June 24th.

The rights to Jonas Gustavsson were traded to the Jets. I wish that you have the best of luck and prove the world wrong about you. Here’s a toast for the years of service you gave us. Your fan Ameet



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