Bringing the Cup back to Canada      

Looks like my Leafs are not going to make it. I am beside myself as to how this continues to happen. I made it a point to not purchase a ticket until the team shows consistency. Mind you that is not exactly going to solve problems given the other 10 million fans that follow the team.

I just hope that the Cup comes back to Canada. I am a Canadian through and through and I will always put my vote of confidence against the remaining Canadian teams during the playoff run.

As much as I hate the Habs, they are my team to move forward. They are young and have nothing to lose. With a bit of Subban-style confidence, this team is tres dangerous!

Some of you folks will argue that the league is filled with mostly Canadian players anyways. Whilst true, that is not why I want the cup back on Canadian soil. I just want Canada to have a piece of the prize that has gone missing since ’93.  I feel a void in my heart when I see a team south of the border win it.

So for now, I will fly the colors of the Habs until the end of the Cup run.

Come on boys.. bring ‘er back home to the Motherland.


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