Google series: How would Google Glass benefit the in-game experience?

Unlike the opening scene from American Beauty, this is how my morning transpired.
Wake up –> Start Bitching–>Brush my teeth–>Start Bitching about work –>pick up phone–> Check scores from the night before–> Turn on shower–>Let water hit my head–>Open mouth and yawn/sigh about the Leafs–>Yahoo! Liverpool doing well–>I hate Man united and their AON logo–> kick in advertising related thoughts–> exposure, conversion–> BOOM, What if I could use Google Glass at a hockey game? This was the highlight of my day.

For the next 1.5 hours, I was in a state of pure happiness. My mind was churning, my son in tow. Happily I changed his diaper, participated in our morning babbles, fed him breakfast, all while day dreaming the future of Google Glass at a hockey game.
I will take creative liberties on the capabilities of the Glass, but knowing this company, I am willing to bet that someone has already started working on it. Should this post run longer than it should, I will split it into two.
How would using Google Glass  benefit my pre-game and In-game experience?

Imagine that you are in your office. It is 9:55 AM, Leafs tickets go on sale at 10AM for the 2015 season. At 10:00 AM sharp, you instruct the glass to “check available Leafs tickets”. Your arms are folded across your chest in nervous excitement as you try to snag some tickets. Success! Tickets are purchased! Within 30 seconds, the whole world is commenting about your purchase with #goleafsgo #luckydevil hashtags on Twitter, FB, Snap chat.
Game day has arrived! You are live-streaming from the moment you arrive at the will-call to pick up your tickets. The words “take picture” roll off your tongue as easily as F-word after stubbing your toe. “Upload image” shares the content with the entire world to see and comment on. #goleafsgo hashtags flutter by in your peripheral vision.

Your son is so excited to see the “actual” ticket. “Start recording” you say, immediately capturing the moment while you bend down to hand him the tickets. Only seconds later, the whole Youtube public is sharing his excitement. Your toddler runs towards the gate in his oversized jersey, clambering to get inside and see his Leafs play. Quick as lightning, you race to catch his hand tight and head off to your seats. Passing through the turnstile, the host scans your ticket and you’re on your merry way. Without pause you ask the Glass, “find me a beer”. Two locations are found near your seats and wait times are displayed for each.

In seat, you review how much time is left before the anthem starts. Your son is munching down on some stadium eats while you flip open the game day program. On page 4 is a QR code opt-in to get live pushes of content during the hockey game. “Scan QR code” rolls off the tongue like a hushed whisper. Immediately you are served content about upcoming games, MLSE concert offering and much more. The jersey you always wanted is now on sale. The MLSE concessions app allows you to place an order for a beverage or food and is delivered right to your seat. With a blink of an eye, the game is over, stories told, pictures captured, an entire nation of Leafs fans engaged with you, memories have been created that could not be created without the Glass.

Stay tuned for part 2


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