Amazing Lumbergraph Collection in StickWork

According To Dr. Price

The most amazing Lumbergraph collection ever assembled will be part of In The Game’s upcoming StickWork product.

Here are a few of the stunning examples and a Lumbergraph checklist.







17. Lumbergraphs-Morenz

I think you would agree that these cards are amazing, here’s the entire checklist for the Lumbergraph inset set in StickWork.

L-AJAurel Joliat
L-AJAArt Jackson
L-ARAl Rollins
L-ASAllan Stanley
L-BBBill Beveridge
L-BBABobby Bauer
L-BDBob Davidson
L-BGBernie Geoffrion
L-BGABruce Gamble
L-BGRBob Gracie
L-BJBusher Jackson
L-BNBaldy Northcott
L-CLCarl Liscombe
L-CWCy Wentworth
L-DHDoug Harvey
L-DKDave Keon
L-DMDoug Mohns
L-DTDave Trottier
L-ESEddie Shore
L-EWEddie Wiseman
L-FCFloyd Curry
L-FFFern Flaman
L-FMFrank Mahovlich
L-FSFrank J. Selke
L-GAGeorge Armstrong
L-GDGordie Drillon
L-GHGeorge Hainsworth
L-GMGeorges Mantha
L-GMAGus Marker
L-GMCGerry McNeil
L-GMOGus Mortson
L-HCHarold “Baldy” Cotton

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