Baseball Hall of Fame voting: I guess I just don’t know the game of baseball.

The voting process for the Hall makes no sense to me. I don’t pretend to care or understand the archaic system it employs. To make matters worse, the voting is exposed to the general public. I can’t imagine being Jack Morris and seeing his name dragged from list to list, year after year while people dissect his ability to throw a ball. The system seems flawed and unfairly opens up the players to public humiliation. Sure we argue about players during the lifetime they play the game. This isn’t a vote for the Presidency or Prime Minster, nor is it the Nobel. It isn’t fair that these players must undergo such scrutiny by every person who thinks they understand the game of baseball. I guess I don’t understand baseball.

Another thing that irks me is that the MLB suffered greatly after the strike. The turning point came during the slammin’ Sammy Sosa VS Mark McGwire home run chase. Baseball got a chance to enjoy the limelight again and fans came back in droves. PED’s then took a hold of baseball and shook the sanity out of the game. The same writers that vote for the Hall, decided to become MLB’s henchmen and keep those two guys out of the Hall. The irony is that if those two didn’t exist, would MLB enjoyed the success it has today?  It may have but it would have taken a lot longer perhaps. This is purely subjective as there isn’t a way to quality the last statement.

Side note: Tony La Russa is in the Hall. Again I guess I don’t know enough about baseball. He only managed Canseco and McGwire right? Surely he didn’t know what was going on.

Did Pete Rose kill anyone? Nope. He had a gambling addiction but he sure was a damn good baeball player. Based on merit alone, he deserves to be in the Hall.  MLB you got it all wrong on this one. I think DUI is much worse than gambling on baseball or other offences that I’d rather not name in this post. Again, I guess I don’t know baseball.

I would rather cheer for a player who used PEDs and went to the casino than those caught drunk driving.  I heard once that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Wait.. right.. those players don’t play baseball anymore.. time to start biting.. 

I just don’t know baseball.. but I am not blind. 


2 responses to “Baseball Hall of Fame voting: I guess I just don’t know the game of baseball.

  1. baseball HOF is a big joke for how they do the votes now… some of this HOF stuff makes no stuff in my mind for all sports

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