24/7 Road to the Winter Classic.

Kudo’s to being able to run a documentary style view of the Winter Classic with very little lead time. I work in advertising, thus I am very familiar with the planning involved in facilitating a TV shoot. While I am not a broadcast producer, I do appreciate the project management aspects that are involved. I can’t imagine how much work went into shooting all that film, then having very little time to edit, narrate and orchestrate a documentary on the fly. Some documentaries take a while to produce. Look at Hoop Dreams for example.

I will admit I found these interesting. What I liked about it was that it showed the players are human beings. Whether it is Phaneuf being ultra competive or Kessel admitting the fast life just isn’t his style, it gave me comfort in that it show cased how normal they are. That was all that I was looking for to be honest. The book is closed and I will look forward to another topic for 24/7.

The only knock I have against is that I don’t think we should be privy to private / confidential conversations. The executive teams at your office talk behind closed doors for a reason. With the exception for office cooler gossip, its an open and shut conversation. I think it should stay that way. As you can see from Brian Burke vs. Bobby Ryan, that relationship is spoiled because of words that should have never made it to TV/Print.

Anyways those are my two cents. The executive summary are the players are human beings and not some droids from another planet. Keep up the human elements boys and throw a few dollars my way will ya?

An interview with a Senior producer for 24/7




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