Be kind! It works, trust me!

Sometimes the best defence happens by using your best offence. By that I mean you don’t have to be mean to get your point across in a response to a question. I have found far too many eBay sellers will come across rude or condescending if you inquire about a particular sports card or sport collectible or shipping times for their products.

I will use an example I came across the last few days. A customer wrote to me that he had not received his card that I had mailed out only a few weeks prior. I kindly explained to him that it takes a while for my items to arrive in the USA. Normally about 5 weeks is the average. Lord only knows why it takes so long. I can get an item to Slovakia in about a week!

Long story short I explained my shipping process and that if he didn’t receive his card in the 5 week window, he and I will work out some sort of amicable solution.

I got a reply back from him that was more than cordial and he agreed to our compromise. This just goes to show that pouring sugar instead of salt makes things go that much more smoothly. There is no harm in being nice to a random stranger. It’s is no different than smiling to a complete stranger. Chances are they will reciprocate the smile or at the very least cross the road so you never have to deal with that person again.

I feel great. Sugar rules..


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